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jordanrwl (site web) Le 30/01/2013

remote check pattern auto can bring you the speed and passionPSuch as one-tenth,that is, the size of the prototype is about one-tenth of the real carHPI launches Savage XL gasoline monster truck, that's right!It uses the Savage of gasoline mechanism ! Named Savage XL Octane6 seconds,a top speed up to 160 3-CH Beginner RC Helicopters km/h, such performance has been flat with the directions one racing of the world's highest technology, and transform all of the supercars ashamedUse 36 mm cyclic servos, 52 x52mm motor,the highest support 6s 4500 mAh battery
remote control model buggy can produce a overthrow you the speed and passionHigh-tech productsThe RC Car can be described as high-tech products,widely applied to scads advanced materials and technology, such as carbon fiber, titanium adulterate, aviation aluminum,which are very stereotyped part mundane in the RC CarThe Japanese Mugen Seiki launched the MBX7 of one-eighth meet level Nitro off-road vehicle! The MBX7 delineation team seeks to improve RC Tanks the jalopy's cornering speed, develop the apprehension, reduce the center of sedateness and encompassing reduce the weight of transmission parts Support 3, 4 and 6s lithium battery, ultra close carcass 3 mm lightweight backplane seconded to counterweight optimization position,realize the ultra unrefined center of gravitas and excellent weight codification75 mm thickness payment the players to choose Reliable high-pitched performance frame,perimeter transmission,ultra-low center of dignity map and hefty perspicacity shock absorber which these now popular components appeared on the new railway carriage

Aurore Le 10/03/2007

merci vous aussi continuez a commander, a faire des réunion où à les organiser

tata luce Le 06/03/2007

2 de + depuis hier bravo portes toi bien ne fait pas trop d'efforts sur les doigts de pieds je veux te savoir en pleine forme bisous

LAMBIN Annie Le 30/01/2007

Coucou les filles, site intéressant, çà a dû demander beaucoup de travail ! Bravo, bonne idée. Bisous Chef Chef

tata Le 26/01/2007

tout c'est bien beau mais la livraison se fait attendre!!!!!!

Nathalie Le 04/12/2006

Bienvenue à tous!

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